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This is the official site of Matam-e-Shabir a.s Rizvia Party, Rizvia Society, Nazimabad, Karachi, Pakistan. This site is dedicated to the Noha and Azadari of Rizvia. You can find our all volumes from Albums 1 to Albums 16. Moreover Noha write-ups are also available on this website.

Please check the newly release Audio and Video of Rizvia Party. We welcome all sort of comments as to improve the quality and availability of nohas.

Matam-e-Shabir a.s, Rizvia Party performs noha khani with matami group at Rizvia Imam Bargah Karachi on every Shab-e-Jumma and some special events.

All Momineens and Mominaat are requested to join us in order to give pursa to Shuhada-e-Karbala.

Rizvia Party Album 16

Our new Album 2016 ” Agaya Bazaar e Shaam – Halmin Nasir Yansurna” will be relased on 1st Muhammaram Insha-allah.

Sangat For Nouha khuani:

  • Syed Zia Abbas Rizvi (sahib-e-biaz)
  • Ishtiaq Hussain (Butt Sahab)
  • Syed Abdullah Hussain
  • S M Yousuf Abbas
  • Syed Ali Mehdi Naqvi (UK)
  • Raza Haider
  • Syed Hussain Mehdi (Canada)
  • Haider Zaidi
  • Hasan Mehdi (Butt)
  • Mohsin Ali (Australia)
  • Salman Ali
  • Syed Hassan Mehdi
  • Bilal Kazimi
  • Sohail Abbas
  • Moosa Naqvi
  • Wajahat Hussain
  • S M asad
  • John Zaidi
  • Taha Hussain Butt
  • Shabbir Abbas
  • Kumail Zaidi
  • Yahya Hussain
  • Imran Ali (Zainabiya Imam Bargah)


  • Syed Ali Mehdi Naqvi (UK)

Sarparast e Alla:

  • Syed Ali Murtaza Naqvi
  • Syed Ali Raza Naqvi (Dubai)


  • Syed Abdullah Hussain

Salaray Dasta:

  • Syed Mohammed Ali Zaidi (Shamma)
  • Syed Najaf Zaidi (Guddo Shah)

Tarteeb For All Nohas & Soaz:

  • Ustad Shafaqat Mirza
  • Ustaad Younis Sardar
  • Ustaad Akhtar Hussain Akhtar (UK)
  • Abbas Bhai


  • Syed Ali Zakir
  • Abid Zaidi
  • Ahmed Naveed
  • Jawad Jafri
  • Ashiq Hussain Meher
  • Ehteesham Qumber
  • Zaheer Ghouri
  • Hyder Khursheed
  • Shahid

Special Thanks

  • Amir Murtaza (UK)
  • Abbas Naqvi (Multan)
  • Ashar Zaidi (Canada)
  • Ali Rizvi (London)
  • Saleem Raza (Ancholi)

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  • Ali Nasir
  • Moosa Naqvi
  • Azeem Naqvi


  • Bilal Kazmi
  • Taha Hussain

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  • Shan Amrohvi

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  • M. Haider (Nigaar Graphics)

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  • ODS


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